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Transfer service – 7 seater luxury business vehicle


Zone of Transfer

Chimelong / Hangqin

Within Zhuhai


Zhong Shan

Shen Zhen

Shen Zhen
Fu Yong 
Ferry Terminal

Shen Zhen

Single Trip

$1,000 *








Zone of Transfer

Panyu / 
Nan Sha

Within Guang Zhou City

Guang Zhou

Guang Zhou
country side

Dong Guan

Fo Shan


Single Trip








  1.1. Any transfer service with a waiting time of more than 15 minutes will be charged by HKD$200 per hour.
 * Special 20% discount for returned trip , advance booking required . Subject to confirmation , and applies to the same                   guest only.
  1.3. Chauffeur service will be charged hourly other then the above zones.
  1.4. The above charges include road/ bridge fee. Customer has to pay for road/bridge fee for dedicated route.
  1.5. For other destinations please check with front desk for rate and service availability.
  1.6. Guang Zhou City includes Yue Xiu, Hai Zhu, Bai Yun, Tian He, Huang Bu, Li Wan, Fang Cun, Guang Zhou railway station                 and Guang Zhou East railway station.
  1.7. Guang Zhou country side includes Luo Gang, Guang Zhou Development Zone, Cong Hua, Jang Sing, Hua Du.
  1.8. Shen Zhen City includes She Kou Ferry Terminal, Huang Gang Station, Man Kam To, Luo Hu Station, Shen Zhen Wan, Luo           Hu Zone, Fu Tian Zone, Long Gang Zone, Yan Tian Zone, Nan Shan Zone and Bao An Zone.


Hourly rental service –7 seater luxury business vehicle


  2.1. Hourly charge is $600 per hour . 
  2.2. Minimum of four hours use.
  2.3. Service will be charged from designated time, including waiting time at designated location.
  2.4. 100 Kms are included in five hour rental service. Each extra rental hour will include 20 Kms. Extra Km will be charged $5               per Km. 
  2.5. Customer need to pay for all road / bridge fee (for round trip), customer may choose to pay during service or after service.               Actual charge depends on routing and final charges subject to final payment of relative road / bridge


Other Terms and Conditions for Cross Border Services


  3.1. 50% surcharge on all local service and HKD$600/transfer for cross border service during Lunar New Year Holiday (初一至             初三), Labour Day and National Day, New Year's day, Ching Ming Festival, the day following Mid-Autumn Festival, Chong                 Yeung Festival and Macau S.A.R Establishment Day . 
          3.1.1 Service request to dispatch after the below hours will subject to Late Surcharge :
                    Within Zhuhai/ Zhong Shan (include Zhuhai airport) : HKD$500/ vehicle after 22:00 Outside Zhuhai/ Zhong Shan area                     HKD$800/ vehicle after 19:00.
  3.2. Service Area – To ensure the safety of customer(s) and driver(s), all cross border chauffeur drive service is only provided               within the Guangdong Province.
  3.3. About customer requirements upon arrival & departure
          3.1.1. Customer(s):Prepare relative travel document or visa themselves and get off the vehicle for departure and / or                                arrival
          3.1.2. Luggage:Customer(s) need to carry their luggage with them when they get off the vehicle and go through customs.                      If customer(s) offend the above regulations, he (they) will be liable for all responsibilities and charges, including car                        rental charges during delays. 
  3.4. Customer must make advance reservation to AVIS Macau for any cross border service during 00:00 – 06:59. AVIS Macau reserves the right to make final
           decisions as to ensure safety of customer(s) and driver(s)
  3.5. In normal circumstances, each cross border service should finish within 12 hours. Customer should raise any special                   request(s) during reservation,  AVIS Macau will arrange according to the situation. Driver must rest for 30 minutes after four           hours of driving.
  3.6. All other standard terms and conditions of AVIS Macau will be applied.


All prices are calculated in Hong Kong dollar. The exchange rate is 1.03 MOP to the HKD and total amount will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.


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